Pursuing Health with Love


I want to share with you how we can pursue health with the goals of love, freedom, and purpose. Without those in our lives, we would not be truly living, or healthy. I begin with Love because love is the reason we should do anything! It’s the reason for life itself! If we pursue our health, happiness, and success in life but have not love, it’s all for nothing.

So, beginning your journey of health means first taking a look at what “love” is, and set a good foundation so you’re off to a good start.


So, what is love? This might be sort of confusing, because the food industry has toyed with our emotions by monopolizing on our first primal association with love and survival: food. When we were infants, our mothers breastfed us. In that milk contains opiates which actually make the baby want more and helps create that connection to mother. When a baby cries and feels the pain of either hunger OR deprivation, the mother nourishes and comforts her infant with her breastmilk.


When we feel stress as adults, like the crying infant, we have a deep instinct to soothe our pain with the substance that also stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain: sugar. (Casein and gluten are also opioids so items such as ice-cream and pasta create even more of the dopamine and addiction.) These sweet addictions stimulate the pleasure areas of our brain. It literally gives us an escape and a means to avoid the underlying problems we face. I remember “getting high” off of sugar cubes and being absolutely uncontrollable and driving the teacher insane. That pleasure was fantastic, and it covered the anxiousness I felt.


Conveniently, the food industry has provided a way to lick our wounds with sugar and has provided an artificial feeling of love when we are feeling down, yet it ultimately leads to chronic disease and death.


Is love “feeling good”? Soothing ourselves with foods which create imitation love and temporary relief? We all know that is not really love. I want to talk to you about TRUE love.


True love is not a feeling, it’s an action. It’s doing the right thing even when you don’t feel like it. True love is sacrifice. I believe God gave us a great example of what true love is, when Christ gave up his own life so that we might live. True love = living.

So now we know that true love means doing the HARD thing, so that you can truly live.


To pursue health with true love, you must first decide to accept and love yourself for who you are as an individual inside and out. Self-love– is the driving force to reaching what success is for you. You must know that the sacrifice you put in won’t always feel good, but it will be worth it because you will be more alive, on the outside and the inside (where it counts). You will not only get healthy outwardly, but you will build character, self-esteem, and inward joy.


Love is doing the hard thing—you will know every time when you wake up in the morning to go for a run and you don’t feel like it but you do anyway, that’s truly loving yourself.

Love is self-respect—when you decide to eat the right foods that nourish your body, you are committing self-love.

Love is sacrifice— giving up the things that you know destroy your body and mind. You are a beautiful creation and we must take care of, love, and respect what God has given us

Love is accepting you are worthy—you might stand out and be called out because you’re not eating junk fast food like everyone else, but you are looking ahead because you know you are not worth junk!


Pursuing health requires knowing this true love so you can do the hard thing, and do what’s right and good for your body and mind.

In today’s society, convenience is demanded and delivered. We have almost no tolerance for patience waiting in the grocery line these days. We don’t want to do anything that doesn’t feel good. It’s a lot easier to go for the quick fix whether it’s from foods, or from our health care professional.

But remember, most people who win the lottery will go bankrupt, but if you work hard for your income you will grow in character and appreciate the value of what you earned and use it wisely. Many people are concerned about saving for their wealth retirement, but not many of us are saving now for our “health retirement,” and sometimes that takes hard work and discipline.


Now you know, that the food industry and society wants you to feel artificial love with artificial foods, but it leads to disease and death. True love isn’t a feeling, it’s doing the right thing when you don’t feel like it, so you can foster health and life, and grow as a person on the inside too!


So, next time you’re tempted by doughnuts at the office or are feeling stressed, give yourself true love: breath deep, hydrate, sleep long, take a walk in nature, and nourish body and mind with foods that will lift you up.


~ Megan Hantz  <3