Nutrition, Biology, and a Couple Rants.

Thinking about maybe possibly someday going to school to pursue further education….I get to thinking. Would it be a degree in nutrition? Or should I pursue biology and get to know how the metabolism functions instead and let my dietary advice be drawn from that specialty?

I’m passionate about health–by now completely obsessed. It’s all I think about! I’m such a health-nerd. To me, healing is by nutrition. ( When I speak of “Nutrition” in this blog, I refer to its many forms: physical (movement, food, water, sun, air), emotional, spiritual, relational….etc.

Health is nutrition. I mean hey, it makes total sense, right? You wouldn’t be ALIVE without it. Everything you take in to your body, whether it is sunshine on your skin or food that goes in–it literally get’s broken down into TINY particles and then get’s re-formatted in a way to be used as resources for LIFE in the body.

So then…if I want to pursue nutrition, it only makes sense I would have to know the body first. The inner networkings of insanely miniscule interactions in the body–the functions that carry on the most vital tasks to keep us alive–depend on the raw natural resources from planet Earth to do it’s job.

You must first know how the body works to then determine the right food. This is how we can change our views on diet after half a century and tell people they can eat fat and it’s actually the preferred fuel for our cells. Our expectations towards foods can change primarily because now we know more about biology and what the body needs. This changes the way we end up practicing medicine too. The more we discover the body and our symbiotic world with the microbiome inside of us, the more we understand that foods really do make a direct impression on our genetic expression and that of the bacteria within us, and that some medicines (like statins or overprescribing of anti-biotics) have been doing our insides more harm than good.

It therefore makes sense to me that it would be better to pursue a biology degree before nutrition. 😀 Seems like knowing the body comes before knowing diet. Kinda funny how doctors who DO learn all about the human body, just don’t ever get to the second half of the solution: nutrition. They learn all about the body, but instead of learning about what the body eats (food), they learn about drugs. How can they be expected to be True Healers if they don’t know what he body needs to eat, or if the focus is not treating the root cause instead of just the labeling a disease and prescribing for symptoms?

 . . . 

Now that I’m thinking, I’m going to have to include a little passionate rant: (Can’t help myself…)  :-s

Mainstream health news is still trying to propagate OLD news & lies…I have received quite a few advertisements in different forms from Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital telling me what the USDA food pyramid is and how “[if I am diabetic I need to eat a “balanced diet” including healthy grains and fruit in order to maintain and live with my diabetes.]” (Referring to type 2). Of course they want the diabetic to “learn to live with” their diabetes, it means that that’s exactly what they’ll do: live with it and keep buying insulin.

Learning more about biology is an important factor for defending truth, because as research exposes that what the mainstream is telling us are lies. We KNOW that in order to reverse diabetes one must NOT follow the USDAs guidelines. It’s NOT about eating less & exercising more, coconut oil IS healthy, and treating diabetes with insulin is NOT the answer if you want to reverse it! You’ve got to see this:

There is a grassroots movement happening–and while we are learning more and more about our genetics and how our body works at the cellular level, people are becoming more aware about what we should do to be really healthy–and that diet and lifestyle have a ton to do with health and how we can treat really treat diseases. While the USDA claims you should eat their way, functional & integrative doctors, holistic nutritionists and health coaches are suggesting you do the opposite if you want to truly heal and function optimally.

People are waking up.

People are learning about eating low-carb high fat keto diets and fasting can reverse their diabetes!

We are realizing the damage we are doing to our microbiome through chemicalized processed foods!

We are coming back to old findings found in 1920s from Dr. Otto Warburg, that cancer is a metabolic disease!

We are learning that our epigenetics caused by diet & lifestyle has SO much more to do with disease than our genes do!

We are finding, that if we turn that old 1992 USDA food pyramid on its head we would be healthier.

If we eat a low-carb, healthy high-fat, & moderate protein diet rich in mostly vegetables and strive toward high quality organic and foods that promote a healthy microbiome and get Vit D from the sun, we can treat many diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, autism, hormone imbalances, epilepsy, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, depression, traumatic brain injury…

My grandpa died of cancer when my dad was only 16years old. I never got to meet him. My grandma died of diabetes and heart failure. She was addicted to sugar to the very end. Why wouldn’t I react to this chronic death just as much as I would to a cancer related one? Cancer is also mainly fueled by sugar–BOTH ARE EQUALLY SERIOUS. When someone gets diagnosed with cancer, it’s a surprise, it’s mysterious and scary and there is a lot of attention toward fighting cancer.People seem to be more disturbed with a cancer, even though heart disease is the current number one killer. With that being said, it angers and frustrates me that people tend to take fighting is way less seriously. I literally watched my grandma sit up in her hospital bed (while she was dying of heart failure/heart disease/diabetes over a series of a few months and at this particular visit had pneumonia the the flu) and eat her ice-cream which was served to her from the hospital cafeteria and when I told her, “Sugar is poison,” she replied, “But it’s soooo goood.” I believe that if people had as much fear toward heart disease and diabetes they would take REVERSING it more seriously than managing it. For a cancer patient, reversing it is the only goal.

Heart Disease is not likely to not be the number one killer long. Cancer is expected to precede heart disease to become the number one killer by 2030. (13 years from now.)

Now I’m gonna get crazy.

Remember, diet and health are connected. Well, so is the food industry and the nutrition health advice we are given by the government.


Who controls the authority on your nutritional advice? Your doctor/dietitian OR the Government, or Food Industries… or both? Did pharmaceutical companies fund your doctor’s research, education, and tell them how to treat diseases? Where do your gov USDA guidelines come from? Who caters to the lobbyists protecting their interests for grain, dairy, beef–The USDA? The FDA regulates what chemicals are generally regarded as safe, fast track pharmaceuticals AND subsidies crops like corn, soy, wheat, etc which is used to feed animals? (Wait a sec, is hunger is a problem, couldn’t the government pay farmers to make crop to feed humans instead? (No since they don’t make money on feeding US food!–unless they sold us as cattle! LOL….Oh wait… US..cattle? Well, wait a second: that subsidized corn fattens up those cows just as good as it sweetens us up. Our poor health caused by the continuation of the FDA guidelines and subsidized crops that make us fat, do create a revenue stream towards the other end–the doctor, and then back up to the pharmaceuticals, which the FDA also regulates. We are in a Health Crisis–but this crisis goes a lot deeper than changing the government’s My Plate.

It seems there are many conflicts of interest. The beef, dairy and grain industries influence the government USDA’s 1992 food pyramid and today’s “My Plate” and it’s the same one dieticians end up telling us what we should eat to be healthy, along with taking our meds. That’s not nutrition, that’s not looking at our biology. That’s money, politics & lies. And when those guidelines are offered to diabetics, they don’t get better, which means they never give up their expensive medications and the pharmaceutical companies keep earning a profit.

Is there also reason why doctors/physicians who are supposed to promote health do not study nutrition?—when assimilating NUTRITION has everything to do with what makes our bodies keep functioning?

I believe that probably most people who decide to embark on a long strenuous and expensive education to become a doctor have huge hearts and really want to make a difference in the lives of others, but many doctors are influenced by the pharmaceutical companies who sugar daddy fancy banquets and reward the doctors with commission who will sell their pills. The education that most doctors receive does not provide nutrition, but revolves mainly around how pharmaceuticals are used as a primary treatment for suppressing symptoms of disease as  a method of restoring a “state of health.” This leaves many well intentioned physicians quickly disillusioned when they don’t see patients get better.

Many are even held back by only being allowed to treat patients with pharmaceutical or FDA-only-approved methods of healing. Here is a piece from a story I found being told in an internet article: 

“I took a stimulant in the morning so I could stay awake for the 11 a.m. appointment. After my doctor and I discussed my lack of improvement, I handed him the list of new treatments I wanted to try. He scanned the list, shaking his head. I recall him telling me so clearly, “There is nothing more I can do for you. None of these are FDA-approved for your condition.”

With that sentence, my doctor did more harm to me than any medication, symptom, or side effect had ever done. He gave up on me because he had run through the handful of options that were “approved” to treat my condition. In my mind, his pronouncement told me that I shouldn’t expect anything more from medicine — that my current state was somehow acceptable.” (An alternative to the Hippocratic oath: ‘to not give up on patients’)

Some of these conventional doctors, who remember their hippocratic oath to “first do no harm,” they might also remember Hippocratis also said to use food as medicine. Many of these conventionally trained doctors, like Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Mercola, found their way back to healing our biology and where true health comes from: nutrition. (Nutrition–all forms–is what MAKES our bodies and provides what we need to function.) These doctors have helped spur on truth to people who want to heal. They go against food industry paid government advice and tell people to eat healthy fat, less meat, mostly vegetables, and basically eliminate all grains and processed sugars and starches.

You cannot treat chronic disease if you do not realize what really causes it. Because most conventional doctors are not directing the root cause and only covering symptoms, they are not actually treating disease. Functional doctors are more holistic doctors because they treat patients with a whole list of problems (as Dr. Hyman says). They are super-generalists because they don’t specialize in one area of the body: they look at the big picture, since many diseases are multi-causal. They are treating patient today by aiming at the root causes such as diet, lifestyle, environment, heavy metals, gut microbiome & leaky gut, stress, hormone and vitamin imbalances, and if course a huge root: genetics & epigenetics which help specify many problems and how treatment is approached. These docs pursued nutrition, but pursuing nutrition made them pursue a deeper understanding of biology.

Nutrition and Health are mutually exclusive. If you start eating healthier by eating more healthy fats, more vegetables, less meat and less grains and dairy, the food industry would lose out and so would the pharmaceuticals. So when people are waking up to truth about fat being better fuel for our mitochondrial metabolism, we get flawed articles come out saying coconut oil is unhealthy–someone is losing money here. That article is put out by the American Heart Association making unsciency blanket statements using scare tactics, who have a long history promoting low-fat diets and look where that got everyone: heart disease skyrocketed, we all got fat and got our gal bladders removed (getting all sludged up from not being used: see here.

That’s why understanding biology is important for VERIFYING what nutritional claims honor our body’s geneous. For example, taking a look at their blanket statement that coconut oil raises LDL and cholesterol and therefore causes heart disease….is not telling the whole story. Coconut oil will raise cholesterol, but that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. Higher cholesterol is actually linked to higher brain function. (No wonder statins erase the memory?) Total cholesterol is not an indicator of risk, it’s the type of LDL and HDL. You can have raised LDL too and as long as it’s more of the “fluffy” kind and not the small dense kind, it’s fine. Plus, for many, once fat-adapted cholesterol levels typically go down again to a base-line. Remember high cholesterol is only a major problem if it’s in the presence of sugar–because sugar causes inflammation, and hardening of the arteries and bad LDL rise in response.

I CRAVE this knowledge so bad! Wanting more of an understanding in the sciencey world of what goes on inside…creates the geeky images of The Magic School Bus taking dive into blood vessels and cells enter my mind.

 A book that interests me to read is called “Deep Nutrition.” I heard about on a Ben Greenfield Podcast episode with Cate Shanahan. HERE

 Another book I am excited to get and read (and I highly RECOMMEND if you want to lose weight) is called “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung. 


Thanks for letting me vent.