Have you ever heard the story of The Three Little Pigs? Well, then you know that it was the brick house that didn’t get blown down. Why then, do we consistently build and purchase expensive homes made out of wood which are susceptible to fires, floods, earthquakes? This American, industrial-consumer mindset for our homes fails in many ways, and has failed…remember the economic collapse with the banks giving people mortgages they just couldn’t afford?
With a Cob house, you will not have a mortgage, and you will avoid house fires, flood and earthquake damage, and there are many other benefits. Though cob is made of clay, sand, straw, water, and dirt, it creates a superior, high-standard home which has withstood the test of time. Cob building has been used for centuries in Europe, and some 500-year-old cob homes are still lived in to this day. One cob mansion in New Zealand has withstood–without a crack–two big seismic earthquakes, while the rest of the village around it crumbled. Cob homes are not a low quality “3rd-world-country hut,” but I would argue that the wood homes we live in today are low quality, unsustainable, energy-intensive, and costly; a waste of resources and money. In fact, these beautiful earthen homes will give us better health and a better future financially. America needs to catch on and GO COB!
Here is a list of 21 reasons you and I should go COB!

1) Fire resistant, great for built-in fireplaces
2) Earthquake resistant
3) No mold, rot, water damage
4) Withstands harsh weather and high humidity
5) Moderates humidity indoors
6) No termites
7) Hypoallergenic & no off-gassing of synthetic materials.
8) No deforestation
9)Uses local resources
10) No mortgage
11) Economical, you could build a home for as little as $500 to $5000.
12) Energy efficient. Uses geothermal energy, due to its thermal mass (absorbs heat from the sun, keeps you warm & dry in the winter, and cool in the summer).
13) Sound proof (between inside and outside, and between rooms)
14) A high standard home
15) Will last 100’s of years/future generations
16) Artistic & unique. The walls can be sculpted with designs & mosaics. You can create built-in shelves, benches and “reading nooks.”
17) You can build it yourself & don’t have to be an expert!
18) There are no restrictive building codes.
19) It is not illegal, and in some cases may not need a permit to build
20) There are cob professionals available to help if desired/needed.
21) Yes you can have electricity and plumbing!
22) A solution to our future economic collapse

*I highly recommend you get on Pinterest.com, search “cob house,” and fall in love.

*I think cob homes are what we should build for people in need. It’s more available and cost effective than wood, and lasts forever. What happens when we leave, and then their wood home just burns down?

*If you decide to Go Cob, I learned that building your home the “tractor cob” way is a very useful if you want to cut the labor of building up to 90%, and many have not even heard of it. I found interview with Pete Fust done by Owen Geiger discussing Pete’s method of “Tractor Cob,” here: http://www.grisb.org/publications/pub22.htm

*Check out this good video: http://youtu.be/z3gA5SqKndQ

My recent discovery–Cob houses! This is my dream. I never liked the look of Adobe and would never have wanted to live in one, but now I’m so so obsessed and in-love with Cob houses because of everything about them!!!! This is going to be my future home with a secret [cob] garden in the backyard, a cob chicken coop, and an amazing cob oven on the patio for pizza, friends and family!

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